Mangled Digits

Metal, Rock and Roll, Blues, Industrial and Hip-Hop; This blend of genres is called "X" and it's exactly all the lines that Mangled Digits crosses. Mangled Digits has been in the making since 1999. And although they have not been called Mangled Digits the entire time, they have slowly evolved within this mangled, twisted genre, hence the name.

The name comes from a British comedian explaining the site of a car accident that he witnessed while he was on his way to church, using the term "mangled digits" to describe twisted fingers and toes. The band's name, Mangled Digits, evokes the image of their blend of digital music along with other numerous genres.

No Soldier Left Behind

We successfully raised $712.00 this year at our annual fundraiser, which is a 4.7% increase from last year. Thank you to everyone that donated and sponsored.

Debut Album, Portrait of a Killer

Album Cover

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is common not only amongst military veterans but with first responders and civilians as well. PTSD has also hit the home of Mangled Digits and was actually one of the main reasons the band came into existance. Pat (drummer) returned from his first tour in Iraq in 2005 and persued his passion for music, creating Mangled Digits in 2008, to help cope with his PTSD. On December 17, 2016 they finally released their debut album Portrait of a Killer.

The eerie, upbeat and hardcore sounds of this album map out the struggles of a veteran returning home from a war. They dedicated the album release party to the PTSD Foundation of America held at the American Legion Post 654 in Houston, TX. The music on this album is hoping to make an impact on people that suffer from PTSD and make aware of the ones that do not know about PTSD.


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